WFA Grand Slam

WFA Grand Slam


A GrandSlam is the highest class of flair bartending competition sanctioned by the World Flair Association (WFA). The WFA GrandSlam (WFAGS) has been the premier form of flair bartending competition since its inaugural season in 2008.

A WFA GrandSlam season consists of a series of competitions which take place worldwide, each recognized as a GrandSlam event.

There are set requirements that competition organisers need to meet in order for their competition to be listed as a GrandSlam event.

Download the GrandSlam requirements below and get in touch if you think your competition deserves to be included.


Date/Time Event Location
10/05/2019 - 12/05/2019
All Day
Barstylez International Bartender Championship 2019 WFA Grand Slam
Singapore – “Singapore Cocktail Festival Village”
Singapore Singapore